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Do you often feel 'not good enough'? Repeat harmful patterns? Feel you lack the confidence to take on your goals? Are you ready to release all that and learn the tools to make the changes you want? With coaching, I can guide you through a unique experience blending counseling, Focusing, EFT, Internal Family Systems, and many other tools. As a result, you will be able to free yourself from the past and live a life of self-care and fulfillment, with the resilience and skills to take control of your life, and the belief in yourself to take on your biggest dreams. 

Develop the tools needed to help you self-regulate when life throws you curveballs, establish clear boundaries and identify patterns and what triggers them.

Identify what you really want, free from self-imposed limitations or the expectations of others.

Define a path from where you are now to where you want to be, with clear steps to take along the way.

Find your inner compass and change the language you use to speak to yourself so you can stop beating yourself up all the time. 

Replace judgment with curiosity, and learn how that simple shift can help you change self-destructive patterns and replace them with new healthier options.

Identify and heal your past traumas, freeing you from self-doubt and revealing the most authentic and worthy woman you truly are.

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Now that you have created a strong foundation, cleared away the behaviors that held you back in the past and learned new tools to maintain that, we can chart your future. Together we will explore what your deepest dreams and desires are and establish steps toward reaching those goals.

module three:  creating the new

This is where you will dive deep into past experiences and the beliefs they created that are hindering your progress today. We will explore the parts of you that were created during challenging times to protect you, but that are no longer supporting your truest goals. You will learn tools in this module that will help you develop a whole new relationship with yourself, and help regulate yourself in the future.

module two:  clearing the path

We will create a strong foundational inventory of your strengths and accomplishments, develop a new kinder way of speaking to yourself, and learn how to be present with big emotions. This will create an anchor and a set of skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.

module one:  creating your anchor

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Once a month in between sessions, you will have the option to schedule a 15 minute call.  This will allow you to ask questions and adjust yourself accordingly as you progress through the program.

touch base call

You will receive a downloadable PDF with questions to inspire you as you deepen your experience, track your progress and growth, and record your daily gratitude practice and self-care goals. 


Every month you will receive two Zoom sessions that will be recorded for you to refer back to.

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