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They typically have a unique and creative brand experience that’s designed with high-end clients in mind and these clients are typically their biggest brand ambassadors.

Stand-out from their competitors

A boutique business focuses on a small segment of a niche – serving clients who want a personalized experience and who want to know that they are getting the very best products or services. 

Want to serve their clients better

A boutique business owner focuses on fewer products and services and charges premium pricing because they fully recognize the value of what they are offering and the exceptional results their clients will achieve. 

Know that less is more

Imagine doing what you are passionate about while working with your ideal clients and charging what you’re worth.  Now imagine doing it with confidence and a support team.  It's possible!

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boutique business owners...

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They have fewer customers, which gives them the freedom to surprise and delight – and treat their clients as individual human beings rather than just a business transaction. As a boutique business owner, you’re the expert and trusted advisor that your clients are seeking and for which they are willing to pay a premium. Because your team is small, there is also a direct client contact that larger companies cannot match. Moreover, a boutique business owner catering to the right kind of clients often develops lasting and rewarding personal relationships with their most loyal customers.

Want a business built on human connection AND profit?

Their customers understand they are paying for a higher level of service and a personal attention to detail that a low-margin, commodity type of businesses can never provide. Their customers also know there is not a compromise on the overall client experience in order to maximize profits.

A boutique business can take care of clients in a way
that the competition can’t.

the boutique benefit

Having the time to create a product and experience that thrills your customers and builds repeat business

Charging a premium price because of your commitment to excellence while doing less

Creating a unique and creative brand experience that’s designed with high-end clients in mind who become your biggest brand ambassadors

to thriving by doing this...

Working long hours trying to serve everyone but still having unsatisfying client relationships

Trying to compete on price alone and just not making the revenue you want

Feeling like you are not standing out in your industry no matter what you do.

go from struggling doing this...

Imagine being able to:

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i know it's possible because i've lived it, and now i am ready to teach all the same tools and skills to you!

Oh, the stories I could tell of ridiculous client problems, working long hours just to make $4 an hour when it was done, and making every other mistake a new business owner makes along the way.  Until I learned about the Boutique Business Model and grew to making $6000 per session on average while creating long-lasting, real connection with my clients.  Not to mention a beautiful brand I was proud to share with my clients and friends.  

I'm Anne.  Former Photography Studio Owner Ready to Teach You How to Build a Business You Love!

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